Disney World on a budget

This post is extremely late, almost a year late.   But after talking about Disney World Orlando with a friend I decided to go ahead and post.

I planned our trip during Martin Luther King Jr. weekend in 2017.  January is considered low season so I thought it would be a good time to visit Disney World to avoid heavy crowds. I also saved 20% on my Disney resort hotel room because it was low season.  By staying at a Disney resort transportation to and from the airport is free.  With only 2.5 days in Orlando, I planned out our itinerary.  I flew Southwest Airlines round trip nonstop from Memphis to Orlando. Our first evening in Orlando was awesome.  We had dinner with Mickey, Minnie and a host of other Mickey Mouse Club House characters.  I highly recommend character dining during your stay.  You interact with some of your favorite characters.  My daughter really enjoyed it.   Dinner is served buffet style.   The food is only average for the price but it’s definitely worth it.  This way you avoid long waits at the park to see your favorite characters.

The next day we headed to Magic Kingdom to spend the day.  We rode Dumbo, the Teacups, Peter Pan, Small world and  other attractions.  I used our fast pass for the more popular rides.  Though there weren’t long waits for the toddler attractions.  We encountered a few rain showers throughout the day but all in all we great time.  At the end of the night of course is the grand fireworks display.  It was beautiful!  We absolutely loved it!

A few suggestions while at the park.  I brought my stroller and tied colorful bandanas around it so I could identify our stroller more easily.  The stroller section get crowded.  It helped me to find our stroller out of the sea of black strollers in the park.  I also suggest bringing water , snacks or food if you can.  Dining in the park can be pretty expensive. I brought along bottled water.  No way was I going to pay $4-5 for just one bottled water.  Just think you’re probably going to spend the whole day here walking or running behind your kids.

On day three we headed to Animal kingdom. We hopped on the jeep for the African Safari ride and visited a few more attractions before heading to the airport to catch our flight.  Some people may ask “why didn’t you wait until she was older so she should remember”?  I wanted to make some early memories with my daughter at Disney World.  These memories we will both cherish forever.  My daughter is 4 now and she still remembers her trip to Disney.  One of the best things I’ve learned as a parent is that the more you expose to your child early on the better.  They’re much smarter than we think.


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